Guidelines for Abstracts Submission

Scientific Research and Case Study Reports of unpublished/original works can be submitted which, if approved, will be presented in oral or poster sessions.

Scientific research refers to scientific studies (completed or in progress) that meet the ethical, methodological and normative precepts of work with academic rigor. Case Study Reports involve the presentation of actions and professional and/or institutional practice activities.

Proposals will be reviewed only if they are in accordance with the regulations set out in the template available on the Congress website.

The works will be accepted according to general criteria of quality established by the Scientific Committee, such as: methodological rigor and use of the appropriate literature, relevance to the theme and sub-themes of the Congress, significance of the topic for the Leisure field; contribution to knowledge, consistency, objectivity, and argumentation structure.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee, in double-blind system of peer review.

Oral presentations will be held in the format of themed panel: groups of no more than 6 (six) works and discussion/questions will only be held at the end of all presentations. The posters will be presented in sessions with date and time scheduled by the organization of the event.

Approved works can only be presented if at least one of the authors registers for the Congress during the early bird registration period (March/2018). If one of the authors is not registered accordingly the work will be removed from the programme.

Each author may register only 1 (one) work as first author in each format (oral presentation or poster) and with different contents. There is no limit for participation in presentations as a co-author.

Each work presented in the Congress will be entitled to only one certificate with the name of all authors.

Abstracts must comprise a minimum 400 and maximum 500 words, structured as follows. Use the abstract submission form available online:

    A) Full title, as it should appear in Conference Program (no more than 10 words), and all in uppercase letters;

    Abstracts should include:

      1. Introduction/Conceptualization (description of the context and/or academic literature informing the research),
      2. Approach/Description (indication of theoretical orientation and/or methodological approach),
      3. Considerations/Conclusions (description and application of original research findings reported in the document),
      4. Minimum of 3 and maximum of 5 keywords separated by a full stop.

    C) Author/authors of the work (CAPITALIZED SURNAME, Full Name). The authors ' names must be separated by semicolons.

    D) Institution (name and acronym of the institution, city, state, country). If more than one institution is involved, the names must be separated by semicolons.

    E) Chosen thematic area.

    F) Classification (scientific research or case study report)

    G) Type of presentation (oral or poster)

Authors will be notified by email about the outcome of the review process. It will not be possible to make changes to the abstract once the submission is complete. Be sure to check the correct formatting of your abstract before completing the submission.

In the submission process, the authors will declare that all elements used or included in the project do not violate any right of use of image or intellectual property rights of third parties, agreeing to assume sole responsibility for legal claim, lawsuit or litigation, whether directly or indirectly, arising from the public display or use of the work.

When registering for the Congress, authors of the approved works will release the copyright to publication of the abstracts in the proceedings book.